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Feb. 2nd, 2007 @ 03:58 pm bibliography
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Feb. 1st, 2007 @ 10:42 pm question
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i totally abandoned the project of seeking feedback from the community of friends here.  (that's lower-case friends, not upper-case Friends).  

anyway, i turned in the paper last week, and am wondering whether y'all would like to see the finished product.  i'd have to post it as separate chapters, and the footnotes are all at the end, i think, but are folks interested in reading it?  would seven or eight posts in a day be too overwhelming and cause y'all to get pissed off at my cluttering of your f-pages?  

i'll still need to post under f-locks (in case i ever decide i want to actually publish stuff from here in some form or other).  and i won't be seeking structural feedback, but would welcome discussion of the concepts discussed.  i also want to warn y'all that, especially as i was writing last week, i assumed the audience to be faculty at my seminary, and therefore didn't spend a whole lot of time clarifying and explaining stuff i thought they'd already know.  (i might have to do some revision for orals, in that regard, because the prof and TA for the class have different interests than some of the faculty available for orals.)

what do people think?  should i post?

Nov. 10th, 2006 @ 02:33 am more controversial thoughts to add to God section
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(because, really, none of the other sections need to get written, do they?)

*Marcion controversy:  rather than YHWH isn't the same God as Abba, God can see the error in ZIr ways, and wants to form a new relationship.  evolution from instructing israelites to genocide to jeremiah and micah, onward to christ.  

* this is particularly useful for those of us seeking ever-greater justice in our own time, that this justice may not be entirely witnessed in the biblical text. 

*this happens because identity of God does not meaningfully exist outside of relationships (both internal and external).  God's self-understanding/identity is wrapped up in the relationship God has with creation.  deeper relationship is enabled by the ability to say "that was fucked-up, we need to do better." 

*in this way, God is capable of greater things than is dubya.  (just kidding, that's not really going in the paper)

Nov. 1st, 2006 @ 12:35 am hm.
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Current Music: "pluck the fruit" - aspen chamber chorale

new entry will be posted probably in next 24 hours -- the theological anthropology section.  theological anthropology refers to the explanation of what humans are meant to be, how we are meant to relate to one another and to God, as well as a description of how we fall short of that and why. 

in the meantime, i have half a mind to put together a cd to go along with my constructive paper, cd's to go to the TA, professor, and the examining team.  such a cd would include recordings of the george fox song (a more succinct summary of quaker theological anthropology than the first verse i've yet to find, and i love the bit about "you are pulling down the pillars of the world, George Fox!") and libby larsen's "pluck the fruit."  and the hawaiian "song of the body of christ," and "we are called" (a really nice setting of micah 6:8).  and, of course, andrew carter's song of stillness and dan's arrangement of "how can i keep from singing."  and possibly (for the sin and evil section) trudi weyermann's "riddle." 

'course, i'd need to replace my west coast tour cd in order to rip those last two songs for this compilation...  

and for another...

Oct. 4th, 2006 @ 08:28 am as i write...
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the strange thing is less that i am engaging trinitarianism than that i am referring back to my comprehensive examination in religion from earlham as a primary source for how i articulate what i believe now.
Sep. 28th, 2006 @ 04:27 pm welcome!
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most likely, you know me as songquake. i've been a livejournalist under that name for a bit over three years now.

this new journal is set up for a specific writing project of mine, namely the "constructive theology project" (hence the name songquakebuilds and the journal title). the constructive theology project is, basically, the equivalent of the master's thesis for my MDiv program at chicago theological seminary. according to the course syllabus: task descriptionCollapse )

i will be posting the "chapters" here as i write them, for comment and critique. i am curious to see what the folks in the communities with which i interact on livejournal have to say about what i am constructing.


1. this is actually a project within christianity. if christianity and christian language are off-putting, be prepared to be put off by the writing here. that's one major reason why i am creating a separate journal for this project.

2. this is a specifically quaker version of christianity. if you're from a more "traditional" brand of christianity, you may not really recognize it. you may find my discussions of community building and revelation somewhat odd. be prepared.

3. this will probably be a queer theology. i'm queer, and hold myself accountable to several queer communities. i may touch upon sexual or relational practices that are weird to you, such as polyamory, queer-by-choice, or kink. i may not touch on them. i'm not sure yet.

4. i will be talking a lot about bodies, our experiences in them, and body as metaphor for christ. the two (our material bodies as the source of our knowledge and the community as the body of christ) will be in close conversation with one another. i am particularly interested in bringing disability studies into conversation with queer theory and creating ideas about community out of that. pretty cool, kind of difficult.

5. i'm trying, as a white person living in comfort, to be aware of and (to an extent) accountable to social groups my people have oppressed and continue to oppress, in conversation with various liberation theologies. this sometimes hurts. i'm also making it a distinct point to be aware of trans issues, and am likely constructing the divine to have the pronouns Ze/Zir.

6. i'm making this journal friends-only, not because i want to limit the conversation, but because i want to know who is reading this. all of these thoughts are pretty experimental, and i want to feel comfortable knowing that i'm not going to have someone (like, say, future employers) reading what i'm writing for class, especially in draft versions. it's kind of scary to be putting this out there. so, if you want to read, please comment to this post, and i'll friend you.


the first chapter will likely be posted in the next couple of days. there will be links at the beginning of each chapter to articles explaining the general definition of the topic being covered. chapter drafts will be posted approximately every two weeks, but there will likely also be drabblings as i think of things that might go into later chapters.

thanks for reading!